Tuesday October 1, 2013

Gross Out Your Guests

By Bridget Shirvell

Part of the fun of hosting a Halloween party is getting to whip up foods that gross out your guests. There’s no other time of year when you can serve worms, roaches and even eyeballs, and still seem like the perfect host. Halloween is the ideal holiday to get creative in your kitchen — or your mad laboratory —and cook up spooky versions of your favorite party foods.

Halloween Pizza Fingers

This easy-to-make dish from Cute Food for Kids is sure to please everyone. Make a pizza, cut it into strips and use red peppers to make the fingernails.  

Kitty Litter Crunch

Your guests might not think the cake, pudding, cookies and tootsie rolls look appetizing but they’re guaranteed to still dig in. KatherineMaries.com, has the recipe and a ton of other ideas for Halloween food.

Candy Corn Ghosts

Everyone loves candy corn at Halloween but offer your guests something a bit different with these candy corn ghosts from G Bakes.

The Bloody Eyeball

Gross out the adults at your party with this Halloween shooter of lychee, blueberries, Sour apple pucker liqueur and grenadine, from cake artist Marie Porter. 

Halloween Jell-O Spider Treat

Spiders, worms and even worm eggs make up this gross Jell-O dessert from A Spicy Perspective.

Zombie Head Cheese

For those who want to go all out for the Halloween, Not Martha offers this recipe, which serves your guests cheese and crackers in the form of a head.


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