Wednesday March 27, 2013

5 practical living tips to live by

Sometimes in life you need those little shortcuts to help you save time, stress and even money. I’ve put together a list of my top 5 favorite practical living tips to live by.

  1. Creative kids can get inspired in some of the most creative places. Combat “on the wall” creativity with a household item that you’ve probably got laying around your garage — WD40. A light mist of WD40 on a cloth will remove crayon marks from your walls and even the inside of your dryer!
  2. Linen sprays can be expensive. Don’t pay for that fresh-from-the-garden smell, make it yourself with three simple ingredients — lavender oil, vodka, and water! Spray on clothes fresh out of the dryer or on your sheets before bed for a luxurious aroma that won’t break the bank.
  3. Cleaning your silver and jewelry with toothpaste is a well-known practical living tip, but did you know other household items like beer, Alka Seltzer and ketchup do the trick as well?
  4. Ready to do a little spring cleaning? Pair your outfit favorites together in your closet to cut the hassle out of your morning routine. Using the pop tab off your favorite canned drink, slide the holes of the tab over two hangers to keep them side by side and double your closet space!
  5. Sick of throwing out wrapping paper because the ends are torn or damaged? Protect your paper with a toilet paper tube! Cut the tube down the center length-wise, and wrap it around the end of your wrapping paper. Top with a square of cellophane and a rubber band to keep dust away.

What are some of your favorite practical living tips?

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