Monday April 2, 2012

Help your local library with a book drive

The second week in April is National Library Week. Celebrate by hosting a neighborhood book drive to benefit your local library. Here’s how to get started.

  • Get the details. Contact your local library to set up the book drive. Can the drive be held on library property? If so, when would be the best time to hold the book drive? What types of books does the library need most?
  • Rally the troops! Gather your friends, family and neighbors to spread the word about your drive.
  • Ask for help. You will need volunteers to help make fliers, decorate posters, create donation containers, keep track of donated books and maybe even do a little door-to-door work.
  • Set a goal. Setting a goal for your book drive is a great way to keep people involved, even after they have donated.

Once you have a plan and volunteers, you need to spread the word. Paper fliers or posters in common areas, such as community centers, coffee shops and local schools, will help get the community involved and let them know what items the library needs most.

Keep track of your donations daily. Stop by the donation containers to collect books and keep track of how many books are donated per day and in which categories. Also, make a goal chart and fill in the chart as the drive progresses. A visual chart may help people understand how close or how far away you are from reaching your goal, encouraging them to donate more books or call around to family and friends.

Down to the wire and still haven’t met your goal? Ask your volunteers to go door to door to ask neighbors to donate. Some donors will not be able to make it to the donation site, so door-to-door collection may be the best way to achieve your goal last minute.

What do you do with your favorite old books?

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