Monday January 9, 2012

5 dry skin remedies for wintertime

There are plenty of dry skin remedies for the winter — all that can be done during a routine bath or shower. When winter gets the best of me, I reach for these top five remedies from’s Jen Adkins:

1.     Use warm, not hot, water. While soothing, hot water  is not the best for your skin (or hair, for that matter). Also, limit your bath or shower time to less than 15 minutes.
2.     No bubbles allowed. Skip these natural body oil-stripping culprits and opt for a milk bath.
3.     Pat, don’t rub. Don’t subject yourself to “towel abuse.” Gently pat your skin dry instead.
4.     Always moisturize. Find your favorite all-over lotion and keep it handy in the bathroom.

What other dry skin remedies do you swear by?

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