Monday December 5, 2011

Christmas Saturdays with your family

The Saturdays leading up to Christmas are very special for my family and me — those are dedicated to family time spent checking out all my area has to offer, from holiday light displays to festivities on the municipal calendar.

Christmas is my favorite holiday because there are such a variety of things to do during December. To find the best activities for my family, I typically look to:

  • My local city website: During the holidays every year, the city posts a calendar of events.
  • Local mall: Some of the larger establishments have holiday programs that go beyond Santa and his elves.
  • Library: Some libraries host reading programs or other children’s activities. This should also be on your city’s website.
  • Children’s publications: Not only do these publications have great celebration ideas, but they usually host a wealth of information on fun goings-on around you and your family.

Also, here are a few weekend ideas you should try this year (and a few I may try as well!):

  • Trains & lights. The kids will be delighted to view a ‘40s-inspired train exhibit or drive through a synchronized light display any weekend.
  • Visit real reindeer. Zoos and certain farms host Santa’s favorite animals. The kids will love the experience of getting to pet these friendly mammals and the photo ops are precious.
  • Purchase caroling time from the local high school. Your local high school’s pool of fine arts talent is ideal for some at-your-doorstep holiday entertainment. Some offer caroling as a fundraiser — consider purchasing a time slot for your neighbors as well!
  • Shop for decorations. It’s always great to add a few great pieces to your Christmas decoration collection each year, from more efficient LED lights in gorgeous unexpected colors to faux snow for the tree. For a family experience, let the kids pick their favorite colors.
  • Help out the local shelter. Everyone needs to give back[JK4] , so make it a family affair by spending a Saturday at the soup kitchen or organizing warm clothing at the mission.
  • Adopt an Angel. It’s a fairly easy and inexpensive tradition to adopt each year. Agree to make one child or family’s wishes come true this holiday by purchasing gifts off of their Christmas list.

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