Thursday November 17, 2011

Host a Black Friday after party

Picture this: It’s noon on Black Friday, and you’ve just finished six (possibly more!) hours of shopping. You’ve scored a lot of unbelievable deals — why not show off your purchases while relaxing with your friends and neighbors? Gathering everyone together to decompress is a great way to end the day. To ensure you get maximum downtime with minimum effort, follow my tips.

  • Don’t stress about the food and drinks. This party is the antithesis of yesterday’s feast. Snack on leftovers (check out my favorite recipes here!) or simply order pizza. Reward yourselves for your awesome shopping skills with champagne or sparkling cider.
  • Get a jump on wrapping. You can have fun and still be productive. Ask everyone to bring a roll of paper (or something more unique) and chat while you wrap your newly bought presents. Trust me, once the holiday craziness starts up, you’ll be happy you did. And who knows? You may have an expert bow-maker in the midst willing to add a custom touch to your gifts.
  • Create a relaxing vibe. Help the crowds from earlier in the day become a distant memory with soothing music. Light a few candles and make sure you have plenty of soft accessories to cuddle up with. This get-together is all about fun and relaxation.

How do you unwind after Black Friday?

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