Monday November 7, 2011

Inexpensive boot storage

Boot storage is essential once the weather gets chillier and I start wearing my favorite fall/winter accessory. These shoes require special care, and sometimes preventing damage like creasing and cracking can be a struggle.

Here are a few inexpensive care options that will keep your boots clean, upright, and full of shape throughout the seasons:

  • Boot trees. These expandable, plastic gems adjust to virtually any size and keep boots in an upright position for fuss-free storage.
  • Boot hangers. They come in many shapes and sizes, from a hook around the ankle to clips at the top edges of the boot. If you have the bandwidth in your closet, go for it!
  • Boot racks. Hanging boots upside down eliminates the need for a boot tree altogether, but this option is most often best suited for industrial-type boots, such as rain gear.
  • Peg storage. This can work for any pair of shoes — not just boots. Place your shoes upside down on the pegs for easy floor access.
  • Styrofoam inserts. The least expensive option, and the one I love the most, is to keep the Styrofoam inserts that often come inside the boots when you buy them…I used to throw these away, but I realized I was throwing away a boot and money-saver!

What types of tools do you use for boot storage?

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  1. Storage Sydney said on November 20, 2011

    Amazing ideas. Boots are indeed seasonal use therefore it should last for long even though it will be stored for a long time. Thanks for sharing this.

  2. Carol said on November 29, 2011

    You’re welcome! Thanks for commenting.

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