Thursday July 21, 2011

Put your stamp on party napkins

By Carol

Personalizing napkins is one of my favorite ways to put my own personal stamp on a summer get-together. You don’t need to be Martha Stewart’s apprentice to doll up paper or cloth napkins — a few basic supplies and a bit of creativity are all it takes.

Craft store tools

  • Embossing isn’t limited to just fancy envelopes. Whether using a sophisticated neutral or juicy summer color as your paper base, a raised monogram or single initial instantly adds an expensive-looking touch.
  • Use a single, large, iron-on transfer graphic to make a statement, or apply a delicate winding border along the edges of a fabric napkin.
  • Fabric paint shows off your artistic skills, no matter how humble. You can work with store-bought stencils, or paint household items—like a pink school eraser — to stamp on a checkered design.
  • Speaking of stamps, a palm tree in a fun, contrasting color or a flower in glittery metallic ink are both unexpected.

The finishing touch

For parties where a silverware bundle would be handy, napkin rings add extra zing. Braid grosgrain ribbon and join with a knot, or twist a sparkly pipe cleaner into a mini-starburst.

Tell me: How do you customize your parties?

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